Why Seek Therapy?

We all can carry the burden of some hard-
to-solve problems.

If you have the right tools, you have the power to reach out to your trouble zones -
and soothe them.

Dr. Bird has the
expertise to support
and educate you in this process.

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(212) 582-3614

Professional Presentations

Northern Westchester Hospital Center: Facilitated by, The Katonah Study Group for Integrative Medicine: "Somatic Experiencing (SE) Applications to Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy". Guest Presenters: Roger Saint-Laurent, PsyD, SEP, CGP., Sharlene Bird, PsyD, SEP. .
Additional resources and information...

AMI: Monthly Informational Teleconference: Facilitated by Gigi Cevallos: “How to communicate with your Tweenager about Sexuality; Como comunicarse con su adolecente sobre la sexualidad”. CD Recorded.

Gouverneur Hospital. In-service training for psychology staff and interns. “Assessment and Methodology in Sex Therapy”.

7/16, 17/2005, 7/17, 18/2004           
National Multiple Sclerosis Society South Florida Chapter. 6th and 5th Annual Women’s Retreat: Celebrating the Essence of You. Workshop Presenter: “Sexuality and MS”, “Closure Rap Session”.

Maimonides Medical Center.  Colloquium: “Theories of Sex Therapy: Techniques and Ethical Issues”.

Bird, S.  “AABT’s Media and Community Connection Program: Committee activities”. Presented at the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy’s Convention, Toronto, Canada.

Latino Behavioral Care Network: Workshop One: “The Balancing Act: Maintaining High Quality Behavioral Health Care and Reducing Costs in an Era of Managed Care”.

6/3, 10, 17 & 24/1998 
Fordham-Tremont CMHC.  Five-session workshop: “Sexual Development
and Clinical Implications”.

PRFI:  Association of Hispanic Mental Health Professionals, Inc.  Co-panel Presenter: “The Changing Mental Health Landscape and the Latino Practitioner: Changing Trends in Treatment”.

Fordham-Tremont CMHC.  In-service training for staff.  “Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors in the Hispanic Culture”.

Tel-Aviv University: The Department of Psychology, and The Faculty of Social Sciences.
Guest Lecturer: “Understanding Sex Therapy and its Applications”.

Baruch College Child Care Center.  Workshop Presenter: “Helping Young Adults Discuss Sexuality With Their Children”.

Hunter College of CUNY:  Association of Hispanic Mental Health Professionals. Inc. 
Co-Presenter with Dr. Ian Canino:  “Fresas y Chocolate: Culture and Intervention”.

5/1, 8/1995, 6/26/1995 
Institute for Family and Community Care.  Three-part conference: “Orienting Yourself to Sex Therapy”.

Segundo Ruiz Belvis Neighborhood Family Care Center.  Grand Rounds:  “Issues in Sexuality in the Latino Community”.

The Osborne Association: Full-day Symposium on Children of Incarcerated Parents: Children Left Behind: Issues, Information and Ideas.  Worshop Presenter: “Maintaining Family Ties”.

Centro Argentino de New Jersey.  Guest Speaker: “Como Superar la Inhibición Sexual”.  [How to Overcome Sexual Inhibition].

Metropolitan Hospital.  In-Service Training for Staff at CTP Program.  “Addressing Sexual Behavior in the Chronic Psychiatric Population”.

NYU Graduate Summer Program in Human Sexuality:  Sexuality in Two Cultures, New York City, and Copenhagen, Denmark.  Guest Lecturer in Denmark: “Cross-Cultural Issues in Teen Pregnancy and Contraceptive Use”.

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Human Sexuality Program
Annual Week-Long Course.  Group Facilitator.

NYU Medical Center/Bellevue Hospital.  Seminar Presenter:  “Cross-Cultural Analysis of Variables Determining Teenage Pregnancy Risk Factors.

Roberto Clemente Center.  Training Seminar Presenter: “Cross-Cultural Fertility Regulation”.

Bird, S., Feindler, E.L. “Group Anger-Control Training for Residential Juvenile Delinquents”.  (Masters Thesis, Copyright No. TX Z-226-713).
Presented at the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy’s Convention, Los Angeles, California, Poster Session.

Berg, S., Feindler, E.L. and Bird, S. “The Behavioral Assessment of Juvenile Aggression”.  Presented at the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy’s Convention, Los Angeles, California, Poster Session.


NYS Licensed Psychologist

Certified AASECT Sex Therapist & Supervisor

Certified EMDR
Therapist & Consultant

(CBT) Behavioral Technology Specialty

Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP)

Integrative Therapy